May 6:  Tennessee Walking Horse Association of CO Training Show.
Bob rode Colorado Bambi;  Jen rode Nikki (Nikki’s first show)
UMH Novice Rider Eng/West Trail Pleasure:  Bob/Bambi placed 2nd/3;  OGB Open Eng/West Jr. Horse, 5 & Under, 2 gait:  Jen/Nikki placed 1st /5 ;  UMH Open Eng/West Novice
Horse:  Bob/Bambi placed 3rd/5, Jen/Nikki placed 2nd/5  ;  UMH Maiden rider Eng/West. Trail Pleasure:  Bob/Bambi placed 1st/2 ;  UMH Open Eng/West Trail Pleasure:  
Jen/Nikki placed 1st/4; Bob/Bambi placed 2nd/4
OGB Open Eng/West Country Pleasure, 2 gaited:  Jen/Nikki placed 1st/4
July 29 & 30:  NWHA Colorado Celebration.  Castle Rock, CO
Bob showed Colorado Bambi, Jen showed Snickerdoodles (Nikki was too slow for the judge in this show)
UMH Mares, Halter:  Colorado Bambi (1st/4 horses); Snickerdoodles (2nd/4);  UMH Halter Championship:  Bambi (3rd/4 horses);  Nikki (4th/4) ;  UMH Open Classic or Trail
Pleasure, Gentlemen to ride:  Bambi (3rd/6) ;  UMH Open Classic or Trail Pleasure, Ladies to ride:  Nikki (5th/5);  UMH  Novice Horse, Classic or Trail Pleasure:  Bambi (1st/6),
Nikki (4th/6);  UMH  Open Trail Pleasure, Mares:  Bambi (3rd/5), Nikki (4th/5) ;  UMH/SMH Open Classic or Trail Pleasure:  Bambi (2nd/3), Nikki (3rd/3);  UMH Novice rider,
Classic or Trail Pleasure:  Bambi (1st/2);  UMH Open Western Pleasure:  Bambi (1st/4 horses), Nikki (4th/4)
UMH Open Trail Pleasure Championship:  Bambi (Reserve Champion, 2nd/6), Nikki (5th/6)
Aug. 27 & 28:  CO State Fair in Pueblo, CO;  UMH Sponsored classes
Bob showed Colorado Bambi, Jen showed Snickerdoodles
UMH SW Region, In Hand Mares:  Bob/Bambi:  2nd/2;  Jen/Nikki:  1st/2  *  UMH SW Region, In Hand Championship:  Bob/Bambi:  4th/4;  Jen/Nikki:  Champion (1st/4)  *  
Men’s Open Pleasure:  Bob/Bambi:  1st/6  (Bucky Sparks, Morgan Rhodes; John Loughridge; Rick; Bill Prescott also rode)  *  UMH SW Region, Open Mares Trail Pleasure:  
Jen/Nikki:  1st/5;  Bob/Bambi:  3rd/5   *  UMH SW Region, Open Western Pleasure:  Bob/Bambi:  3rd/4 horses;  Jen/Nikki:  2nd/4  *  Novice Horse, Trail Pleasure:  Jen/Nikki:  
Ladies’ Open Pleasure:  Jen/Nikki: 5th/6  *  UMH SW Region, Trail Obstacle:  Jen/Nikki:  1st/2;  Jen/Bambi:  2nd/2   
UMH SW Region, Trail Pleasure Championship (both horses were being NAUGHTY!):  Bob/Bambi: 6th/6;  Jen/Nikki:  5th/6
Sept. 8:  UT State Fair, Salt Lake City, UT: Judge (Mary Donald, Rupert, ID; She judged the 2005 RMHA International!)
Bob showed Colorado Bambi, Jen showed Snickerdoodles
Mountain Gaited Trail Pleasure:  Bob/Bambi:  2nd/2;  Jen/Nikki:  1st/2  *  Open Trail Over Obstacles:  Jen/Nikki:  1st/4 horses
Mountain Gaited 4-gait Class:  Jen/Nikki:  1st/1 (she did a GREAT job by herself)  *  Open Preferred Gait, All Breeds:  Bob/Bambi:  2nd/10 horses;  Jen/Nikki:  3rd/10  *  Mountain
Gaited Open Western:  Bob/Bambi:  2nd/2;  Jen/Nikki:  1st/2
Mountain Gaited Championship:  Bob/Bambi:  Reserve:  Jen/Nikki:  Champion
Sept. 22, 23 & 24:  Best of the West in Spanish Fork, UT;  UMH Sponsored classes
Jennifer showed Colorado Bambi, Johnnie Lyons showed Snickerdoodles
OGB Western Pleasure Open:  Johnnie/Nikki:  2nd/3;  Jen/Bambi:  3rd/3  *  Trail Obstacle:  Jen/Nikki:  4th/5  *  UMH Classic or Trail Pleasure, Open:  Johnnie/Nikki:  5th/8;  
Jen/Bambi:  5th/5  *  OGB Country Pleasure Western 2G:  Johnnie/Nikki:  1st/5;  Jen/Bambi:  5th/5  *  UMH Classic/Trail Pleasure, Ladies to Ride Open:  Johnnie/Nikki:  4th/6  
*  UMH Classic Pleasure Mares Open:  Jen/Bambi:  2nd/2  *  OGB Country Pleasure Western 2G Championship:  Johnnie/Nikki:  Reserve Champion  *  UMH Trail Pleasure Mares
Open:  Johnnie/Nikki:  2nd/2
Gaited shows for 2007:
TWHAC Colorado Celebration:  Castle Rock, CO; July 20-22
Jennifer (Snickerdoodles); Johnnie (Jenna)
UMH Ladies to Ride:  Johnnie/Jenna (3rd/7); Jennifer/Nikki (4th/7);  OGB 2 Gait:  Jennifer/Jenna (1st/5);  OGB 3 Gait:  Jennifer/Nikki (1st/6);   OGB 2 Gait, Ladies to Ride:  
Johnnie/Jenna (1st/5), Jennifer/Nikki (2nd/5); UMH Amateur Trail Pleasure:  Johnnie/Jenna (1st/5), Jennifer/Nikki (3rd/5);  UMH Mares Trail Pleasure:  Johnnie/Jenna
(1st/3);  Jennifer/Nikki (3rd/3); UMH Western Pleasure:  Johnnie/Jenna (1st/2); Jennifer/Nikki (2nd/2);
UMH Trail Pleasure Championship:  Johnnie/Jenna---CHAMPION (1st/5);  Jennifer/Nikki (4th/5)

Colorado State Fair, August 27-28
Jennifer rode Colorado Bambi (Classic Pleasure);  Jennifer & Stephanie rode Jenna's Dusty Girl (Trail Pleasure)
UMH Mares Trail Pleasure (Jennifer/Jenna--2nd/3);  UMH SW Region Open Western Pleasure (Stephanie/Jenna--1st/4; Jennifer/Bambi--4th/4);  UMH SW Region Open Classic
Pleasure (Jennifer/Bambi--3rd/3);  Open Gaited Breed 2G Western (Stephanie/Jenna--4th/5;  Jennifer/Bambi--5th/5);  UMH SW Region Open Trail Pleasure
(Jennifer/Jenna--3rd/5);  UMH Ladies to Ride (Stephanie/Jenna--1st/6;  Jennifer/Bambi--6th/6);  UMH Trail Obstacle (Jennifer/Bambi--1st/2; Stephanie/Jenna--2nd/2);  
Jennifer received Reserve High Point for the show, in spite of Jenna & Bambi misbehaving at the show!!!

North American Gaited Horse Championships, Castle Rock, CO-- September 7-9
Jennifer rode: Colorado Bambi (Classic Pleasure) and Snickerdoodles (Trail Pleasure)
Colorado Bambi:  OGB Country Pleasure Eng. Amateur 2G (2nd/9);  UMH Mares, Classic Pleasure (1st/2); UMH Ladies to Ride (1st/5); OGB Country Pleasure Eng. AOT 2G
(5th/6); OGB Country Pleasure English 2G Championship (5th/5); UMH Open Classic Pleasure Championship (Reserve--2nd/3)
Snickerdoodles:  OGB Country Pleasure Western AOT&R 2G (4th/5); UMH Western Pleasure (1st/2); OGB Country Pleasure Western Amateur 2G (6th/7); OGB Country Pleasure
Western 2G (3rd/10);  OGB Trail Obstacle Open (3rd/8); UMH Open Trail Pleasure Championship (CHAMPION--1st/4)
8/26/2008:  Colorado State Fair
Jennifer rode Jenna's Bonny Belle and Bob rode Snickerdoodles.  I didn't get in much riding before this show, and this was the first time Bob had been on Nikki.  
UMH Mares Conformation (Jennifer/Belle--2nd/3;  Bob/Nikki--3rd/3);  UMH Gentlemen to Ride (Bob/Nikki--2nd);  UMH Mares Trail Pleasure (Jennifer/Belle--1st/2;  
Bob/Nikki--2nd/2);  UMH SW Region Open Western Pleasure (Bob/Nikki--2nd/3; Jennifer/Belle--2nd/3);  UMH SW Region Trail Pleasure Championship
(Jennifer/Belle--2nd/3;  Bob/Nikki--3rd/3);  UMH Trail Obstacle (Jennifer/Snickerdoodles--1st/2; Jennifer/Belle--2nd/2);  UMH Ladies to Ride (Jennifer/Nikki--3rd/3)
NWHA Regional All Gaited Breed Horse Show, July31-Aug. 2, 2009
I hadn't put lots of time in on these horses, as we were busy building our new place, and I was mostly working the horses I had for sale

**Bart's Sultry Sasha (4 yr old, first show with no practice time beforehand):
3rd/6 in Country Pleasure AOT 2 Gait;  5th/6 in UMH Open Novice Horse Classic/Trail Pleasure (stiff competition);  5th/9 in Country Pleasure Amateur English Trail
Pleasure, 2 Gait
2nd/5 in Racking Horse Amateur English Trail Pleasure, 2 Gait
**Jenna's Bonny Belle (Did nicely!)
1st/4 in UMH Open Trail Pleasure;  1st/5 in UMH Open Novice Horse Classic/Trail Pleasure (Pattie T. rode her);  2nd/3 in UMH Amateur Trail Pleasure;  2nd/2 in UMH
Western Pleasure
Champion in the UMH Open Trail Pleasure Championship
**Snickerdoodles (She was mostly good-too impatient with time delays)
1st in Racking Open Country Pleasure English 3 Gait;  1st/2 UMH Open Classic Pleasure;  3rd/12 in OGB Trail Pleasure 3 Gait (Lee Ziegler award);  Reserve Champion in
UMH Open Classic Pleasure Championship
970-835-4170(Home)  970-640-0000 (Cell)
Jenna's Bonny Belle
Bart's Sultry Sasha
Photos taken by:  Forrest Bliss Photography:  Magalia, CA;  530-873-9424
2009 NNGHC Annual Classic All Gaited Horse Show
We drove to Carson City, NV (15 hrs!) to deliver a horse, then attend the show.
**Jenna's Bonny Belle**
3rd/3 in MH Halter, 4 years and older;  1st/9 in Equitation 2 Gait open
1st/6 in Bareback Open (Fun class!);  1st/2 in MH Amateur Open Trail Pleasure
1st/3 in MH Open Western Pleasure;  1st/3 in MH Open Trail Pleasure
Third place High Point Award for the Show
1st/2 in MH Trail Pleasure Championship
4th/6 in Open Breed 3 Gait Championship
2nd/8 in Best of Show Championship (against some well trained Pasos!!)

2nd/5 in MH Open Classic Pleasure;  4th/9 in Jack Benny/Mae West, age 39 and over
2nd/4 in Obstacle Course Open;  1st/3 in MH Ladies Open Classic Pleasure
4th/6 in Western Pleasure 3 Gait Open
1st/1 in MH Amateur Owned and Trained Classic Pleasure
1st/2 in MH Classic Pleasure Championship
Gaited shows for 2003:
Colorado State Fair, Pueblo, CO  (Aug. 23-24, 2003)
Ricochet's Skipper:  1st out of 3 horses in Rocky Mountain Halter  (2 & Under)
Colorado Bambi:  2nd out of 3 horses in Rocky Mountain Halter Mares (All Ages)
2nd out of 6 horses in Rocky Mountain Amateur Owner-Trained Eng/Western
Mesa Verde Classic Gaited Horse Show:  Cortez, CO  (June 7-8, 2003)
This show included Icelandic horses, Tennessee Walking Horses, Missouri Foxtrotters, as well as Rocky Mountain Horses.  
Toby's Rocket Chap:  4th out of 7 horses in Model Horse Gelding, Open Breed
2nd out of 3 horses in Open Breed, Jr. Horse 2 Gait English Class
4th out of 7 horses in Open Breed, Jr. Horse 2 Gait Western Class (I think they slipped some older horses into this class by mistake)
Colorado Bambi: 2nd of 3 horses in Model Horse Mare, Open Breed
She didn't place in the top 5 in the Trail Obstacle class, but did an amazing job (considering I've only ridden her 4 times in the last 4 months.  She did all obstacles except the gate).  
1st in RMH Classic Pleasure;  4th out of 7 horses in the Open Breed Racking horse class
Both of these horses did an excellent job, for the little time I put into them.  Rocky did an awesome job, considering that he's only been under saddle since January 2003.  I rode him
in a Parelli halter/rope, since I hadn't used a bit on him yet.  Bambi was in fine form, and I'm looking forward to showing her at the state fair on Aug. 23, 2003, against lots of other
Rocky Mtn. Horses, instead of having to compete against different breeds.
Gaited shows for 2002:
Grand Valley Equi-Fest All-Gaited Horse Show:  Grand Junction, CO  (June 7-9, 2002):  Our very first show ever!
Gatsby's Dusty Girl:      1st in MH Weanlings/Yearlings at Halter (shown by Bob)
Jenna's Dusty Daisy:      2nd in MH Weanlings/Yearlings at Halter (shown by Jennifer)
Colorado Bambi (shown by Jennifer):       2nd in MH Mares 2 & Older at Halter, 1st in Beginner Novice Horse Classic Pleasure, 3rd in Amateur Classic Pleasure (Mares & Geldings),
4th in Open Western Pleasure
Zeus's Ace (shown by Jennifer):  1st in MH Stallions/Geldings 2 & Older at Halter;  CHAMPION MH at Halter (against 1st and 2nd place winners of all 3 halter classes);  2nd in
Amateur Classic Pleasure (Stallions),      4th in Amateur Trail Pleasure
Due to their placings, Bambi and Ace both qualified for the MH Classic Pleasure Championship class on Sunday (Jennifer rode Bambi and Bob rode Ace)
Jennifer & Zeus's Ace
By Brent Eriksen (
Jennifer & Jenna's Dusty Girl
Bob & Gatsby's Dusty Daisy
By Brent Eriksen
2010 Events

8/13-8/15/2010:  TWHAC 2010 Celebration at the CO Horse Park
1st/2 in MH Open Classic Pleasure;  1st/1 in Amateur Classic Pleasure
6th/8 in Jack Benny/Mae West, age 39 and over
2nd/4 in Water Glass
1st/2 in OGB Ranch Horse 2G with obstacles
Champion in MH Classic Pleasure Championship
Bart's Coy Joy:  It was her first show!
1st/4 in Open MH Halter;  Champion in OGB Open Halter!
1st/5 in Open MH Trail Pleasure;  2nd/6 in OGB Country Pleasure 2G
1st/5 in OGB Open Novice Horse 2G
Reserve MH Trail Pleasure Championship
6/13/2010:  ACTHA Gunnison, CO World Record Attempt

4/10/2010:  Jennifer rode Snickerdoodles at the ACTHA "Hole in the Wall Gang" ride in Estancia, NM.  I'd only ridden
Nikki about 5 times since last fall, and she placed 5th/11 in the Open division!  Way to go!
9/19/2009:  Jennifer rode Snickerdoodles at our Colorado West Trail Trials challenge.  We had about 116 horses/riders show up.  In my
age division (40-53) we had 32 riders, and Nikki & I finished 2nd!!  And that was in between all of our ribbon collecting duties!
2011 Events

April 2011:  Snickerdoodles & I auditioned in Pueblo, CO for the "America's Favorite Trail Horse" program.  Though we didn't
make one of the 100 available slots, we had a great time!

May 7, 2011:  Snickerdoodles & I competed in an Extreme Cowboy Race in Delta, CO.  We took 2nd place in the Novice

September 2011:  Rocky Mountain Horse Association's International Show, Lexington, KY
Snickerdoodles & Jennifer:
6th/7:  9+ Amateur Owned & Trained Trail Pleasure;  9th/10: 9+ Amateur Trail Pleasure
2nd/4:  Novice Show Pleasure;  1st/3:  9+ Amateur Owned & Trained Show Pleasure
2nd/3:  9+ Western Pleasure;  7th/30:  Adult Trail Obstacle

Jenna’s Bonny Belle & Jennifer:
8th/10:  5-8 Year Old Amateur Owned & Trained Trail Pleasure
Mile High Autumn Classic Show:  Longmont, CO (Sept. 28-30, 2012)
Chocolate Elixir (Felix): His first show!!
Musical Chairs—1st place.  OGB Junior Horse, 2 Gait:  2nd/5; MH Trail Pleasure:  2nd/4;  OGB Country
Pleasure, 2 Gait, AOT:  2nd/15; Amateur Trail Obstacle:  3rd/5; OGB Jack Benny, 2 Gait:  3rd/15

Jenna’s Bonny Belle (Belle):
Ribbon Race (with Allison Evans):  1st place. ; OGB Ladies to Ride, 2 Gait:  4th/26; Open Trail Obstacle:  
3rd/6; MH Classic Pleasure:  3rd/3
Mile High Autumn Classic Show:  Brighton, CO (Sept. 13-15, 2013)
Chocolate Elixir (Felix):
Stallions/Geldings in Hand:  2nd/4;  OGB Junior Horse, 2 Gait:  4th; MH Trail Pleasure:  1st;  MH Western
Pleasure, 2nd/4; OGB Country Pleasure, 2 Gait, AOT:  3rd; Open Trail Obstacle:  3rd/5; MH
Championship:  RESERVE CHAMPION (with my friend, Allison, riding him)!!

Fannie Flagg (Fannie):
OGB Jack Benny, 2 Gait:  3rd/9; OGB Trail Pleasure, 2 Gait:  3rd/7;  Gambler's Choice Trail Obstacle:  
2nd/5; MH Classic Pleasure:  1st/3;  MH Championship:  CHAMPION!!!