Two Steppin Tarzan
Rocky Mountain Gelding, 15H
Chocolate, DOB 3/15/2015
Sire:  FVF's Jeremiah Johnson
Dam:  Captain's Foxy Minx

Tarzan is a stout, handsome gelding with a
sweet disposition.  I hauled Tarzan home
from KY as a weanling myself (along with
Thunder), and spent lots of time on the
ground with him. He was sent to a local
trainer for his first 30 days under saddle in
February 2018.  I worked him about once a
week during his 3 year old year, and have
been riding him a bit more this year.
He's been ridden in a snaffle, bosal and a
shanked bit (depending on the activity),
and I've been concentrating on his walk,
backing up, yielding his hindquarters.  
Tarzan has been developing consistency in
his singlefoot gait, as well as working on a
canter.  He can be a bit shy and hesitant
with handling on the ground, but he was
that way since day 1.  He has been great
under saddle, and has the constitution to do
longer distance riding once he is
conditioned properly.  I would not suggest
him as a beginning rider horse, as his trust
is quite dependant on his rider.  When he
is startled by a quail or deer jumping out
onto the trail, he does flinch and take a
couple of steps, but he has never bucked,
reared or taken off with me.  He calms
down immediately after the initial startle.
I will try to get some videos of Tarzan up
and running as soon as I can.
Up to date on 5-way and West Nile
vaccines, farrier visits every 8 weeks (he is
barefoot).  He had his teeth floated this
past  October (2018).  

Price:  $6,000
Jennifer's Mountain Horse Farm

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The older red mare, Lady, won't be available this year.  Her foal had to be put down due to sepsis,
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