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Covenant's Code (Cody)
Sire:  Covenant     Dam:  
Riddle's Rebecca Lynn
SOLD:  Congrats to
Steve and Eve of CO!
FBF In It To Win It (Bailey)
Mare, 14.1H, DOB: 4/26/2008
Certified to breed KMSHA
Color:  Classic Champagne
Sire:  FBF Black Power
Dam:  Walker's Bit of Honey

Bailey is a beautiful and very loving
champagne mare.  An acquaintance
approached me about finding a new
home for Bailey, as she can no longer
ride horses.   I now own Bailey, and
will go forward with finding her a
suitable match.

Bailey has been nice to handle on the
ground, and is doing great on the trail.  
She has a very forward walk, slow but
sweet gait, and will back up and yield
hindquarters easily.  I've had her out by
herself on the trail, and she has been
watchful, but not spooky.  She prefers
to go out with other horses, but will be
by herself if asked.  I would consider
her a seasoned trail horse, but not super

Short video clip of her under saddle
(this was my 5th ride on her, taken 6/20/2017)
You Tube Video:

Fairwinds Sable Flirt (Flirt)
Mare, 15.1H, DOB: 4/14/2013
Certified to breed RMHA
Color:  Dark Chocolate
Sire:  RSR Sam's Sooner Warning
Dam:  Fairwinds Ice Coal

Flirt is a really tall, sweet mare with excellent
gait.  She has been under saddle since March
2016, and is doing well.  She's been out on the
trail a bit, but mostly worked in the arena.  
She has a nice walk, slow super smooth gait,
and will back up and yield hindquarters easily.
She will go out by herself, but has much more
confidence with another horse.  She hasn't been
spooky, but will stop and look at things that she
isn't sure about.

Certification video clip of her:
eMDee's Flash Dancer (Dani)
Sire:  eMDee's Silk Flashback     
Dam:  LS Stop the Music
SOLD:  Congrats to
Marianna of CO!
Fairwinds Crown Prince
Gelding, 14.1H, DOB: 4/12/2014
egistered RMHA
Color:  Chocolate
Sire:  RSR Sam's Sooner Warning
Dam:  RRF's Diamond in the

Prince is a stunning gelding with a
sweet disposition.  He had his first
30 days under saddle at a local
trainer's back in March 2017.  Once
I got him home, I began riding him
in the arena and out on the trail.  
He's been progressing nicely, and has
no issues going out by himself.  
His walk is a medium speed, and I'm
working to build up his musculature
to support his gait.  He's beginning to
offer gait steps that aren't pacey, and
I'm very happy with his progress.  
I've had him out on bigger trails with
a couple of my other horses, and he
was really great. '
Looking for someone who wants a
smaller horse.

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