Jennifer's Mountain Horse Farm
Eckert, Colorado
Jennifer Nichols--My Main Horse Herd
Chocolate Elixir (aka "Felix")
RMHA & KMSHA Gelding:  4/18/2008
Sire:  CD's Elixir    Dam: Jenna's Dusty Girl
Personality plus!  Great disposition from his sire!!
Felix @ MHGHC Show:  9/2012
Picture taken by Spiritwind Arabians
Here are the horses that make up our main herd.  All of them are used on the trail, but many have also been to horse shows over the years as
well.  We've been working towards creating a herd of Rocky Mountain horses that embody all of the qualities that are desired in the breed:  
Wonderful dispositions, smooth gaits and beauty as well.  We just added new youngsters to our herd that have great looks and fabulous
breeding.  We hope to find a couple of superstars in the bunch! They are all dear to my heart.
Fannie Flagg (Fannie)
Certified to Breed RMHA/KMSHA Mare  
DOB:  4/20/2007
Sire:  Stone's Sam      Dam: Sambo's Chocolate Crescent
FairWinds Calliope Kisses (Calliope)
RMHA Filly:  3/9/2014
Sire:  RSR Sam's Sooner Warning    Dam:  FairWinds Bella The Ball
FairWinds Sunrise Seraphina (Poppy)
RMHA Filly:  3/9/2014
Sire:  FairWinds Hot Tamale    Dam: RSR Sam's Sooner Warning
Rev's Bittersweet Symphony (Mia)
RMHA Filly:  6/19/2019
Sire:  All Revved Up    Dam:  Fairwinds Calliope Kisses
Isn't she just a doll?
May 2015
November 2019
Revs Lil Miss Fancy Pants (Missy)
RMHA/KMSHA Filly:  6/06/2020
Sire:  All Revved Up    Dam:  Pence's Fancy Lady
Revs Riddle Me Mister (Mister)
RMHA/KMSHA Colt:  5/31/2020
Sire: All Revved Up    Dam:  Fairwinds Calliope Kisses
2016: Shelbi/Felix, Johnnie/Fannie
May 2014